Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

Gigolos - Season 6 Episode 1

Gigolos is an American reality television series about the lives of five male escorts in Las Vegas. The series follows the men, all employees of the same escort agency, through their daily lives and interactions with each other. Cameras also follow the escorts on their appointments with women, including their sexual activity. The series debuted on the premium cable channel Showtime on April 7, 2011. Gigolos has been met with critical confusion regarding the legality of the activities it portrays and amazement that women would consent to being filmed purchasing sexual services. Critics were largely negative in the beginning, although a few had offered the series guarded praise. Showtime ordered a second season of eight episodes and it debuted October 20, 2011. Showtime renewed the series for a third season to begin filming June 2012, but announced it would be without Jimmy Clabots. Season three premiered August 30, 2012. Season four began filming in Las Vegas January 16, 2013 and premiered April 18th, 2013.
Title                       :               Gigolos
 Original Title      :               Gigolos
 First Air Date     :               2011-04-07
 Last Air Date     :               2016-03-24
 Country               :               US
 Runtime              :               25 min.
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